Democratize Content with Devfi’s AI-Powered “Smartpen”

AI content generation smartpen

Content is the most important aspect of every marketing strategy in this digital era. It can help grow your social media presence, provide you with the much-needed branding, and can inform and educate the audience. Having the right content is also very important to generate more leads and increase an organization’s organic traffic.

Writing is an art form that, when combined with science, can produce content that your audience will find interesting, informative, engaging, and useful. And the science that we are talking about here is Artificial Intelligence (AI), as AI has been around for a while and has found itself adopted by several industries and vertices. AI is also considered a major promising and powerful technology impacting art and literature.

How is AI Helping in Writing?

AI-assisted writing tools can help you create better content by providing suggestions and improving the quality of your writing. AI writing assistants, AI content generators, or AI copywriters are software tools that automate the process of generating various types of content for specific industries and topics.

  • AI can write in a way that is so advanced it is indistinguishable from human-written work.
  • An AI-powered content automation/generator takes far less time than if you were to do it on your own. The suggestions made by AI can help you overcome writer’s block, ensuring that everything gets done in a timely fashion.
  • AI can predict what you’ll write and even make it sound better than you intended.
  • AI will automatically correct and watch for errors so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time editing and fixing them before posting content.
  • With the availability of high-quality content, marketers can post more content, which leads to more opportunities to connect with their new audiences.

Introducing Devfi’s Smartpen

Smartpen is an AI-powered content generator that boosts your inbound marketing strategies with unique and plagiarism-free content for emails, blogs, articles, social media posts, personalized messaging, and many more.

  • Completely restructured and unique sentences to maintain the original meaning of your content.
  • Enriched text with relevant and high-performing keywords and topics.
  • Rephrased content to help you think and develop effective writing strategies.
  • Enhanced quality of content with thorough grammar and spell-checks.
  • Improved clarity and diversity of your content by splitting sentences.

What All Can You Do with our Smartpen?

  • Unique, SEO-friendly, and plagiarism content for blogs – including headings, outlines, paragraphs, and conclusions.
  • Attentive and attractive emails – including email subject lines, generic emails, cold emails, etc.
  • Content for social media posts that maximize your social presence – including job descriptions, Linkedin bio, cover letters, etc.
  • Content rewriting to structure and format your content in new ways without losing its focus – including expanding sentences, SEO descriptions, etc.
  • Content for branding – including content for the About us page of your website, press releases, ideating brand names, etc.
  • Content for promoting your product/service – including product descriptions, product reviews, features-advantages-benefits statement for your product/service, etc
  • Content for startups – including generating marketing ideas for your startup business, startup elevator pitches and value propositions, etc.
  • Content to promote your videos – including suggesting ideas for your videos, video titles, video descriptions, etc.

Are you thinking of supercharging your content output? Smartpen will help you. For more details and to checkout Smartpen in-depth, visit