Machine Learning

Cognitive Analytics with Scalable ML Models

Accelerate your data journey with comprehensive ML services

Get quantifiable and customized solutions to data-intensive problems, discover the hidden values in data, and develop innovative solutions that will disrupt established processes and business models with our ML expertise.

We enable businesses to identify unexploited areas of their business models with our tailor-made Machine Learning services.

Our services that define the business metrics & outcomes

With our industry expertise and the capability in addressing challenges with innovative technology, we help startups and enterprises with the best ways to integrate Machine Learning solutions into their businesses. Being able to deliver best-of-breed Machine Learning solutions has given us the expertise to provide strategy, design, and engineering solutions that can bring ideas to life by creating a working POC to scalable MVP that will be ready to use for the full scale of the project.

Strategy & Consulting

We will help you implement the next-gen technologies that will best fit your business. Our experienced AI and ML engineers will provide strategic guidance to implement with appropriate tools, models, technologies, and scenarios for ML-based process optimization.

Data Engineering

Data engineering is a process that helps organizations process massive amounts of information. Our experts will develop and implement data pipelines that will gather and analyze data to provide you with state-of-the-art ML services tailor-made for your business requirements.

ML Model Development

Automating your business operations with our AI solutions. After analyzing your business case, we develop an algorithm that fits your needs. Our team then trains the models with real data to test, improves the algorithm, and delivers it to be implemented right away.

Advanced Data Analysis

Use ML to collect valuable database inputs. We will provide you a competitive edge by performing proper and upright analysis on these inputs to make accurate predictions about the changes in the markets - like the demand, pricing, competition, etc.

Data Visualization

Gain deep insights into your business and operations in real-time with Devfi’s data visualizations. Make your processes more productive with ML-powered data insights. We build data platforms that accelerate your MVP and POC requirements and significantly improve your business performance.

Model Maintenance

Our team of ML experts will continuously monitor and tune ML models for greater accuracy. We add new data to the ML models for deeper insights. We constantly build new ML models that address new business and data analytics problems.

Our ML capabilities that drive intelligent automation

Predictive Analytics

To enhance the decision-making process by identifying and forecasting market trends and patterns

Recommender Systems

To improve customer retention and help users get the most out of their experience.

Anomaly Detection

To prevent, detect, and manage frauds and unexpected events in enterprise applications

Reinforcement Learning

Scalable reinforcement learning to powerful compute clusters and support multi-agent scenarios.

Devfi - Efficient ML solutions to drive business value

Custom solutions

Cognitive ML model development

Business process automation

Enhanced customer satisfaction


Accurate predictions

Easily adaptable to changing markets

Real-time insights

Improved workflows & reduced risks

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Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT
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Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT

Devfi as your Machine Learning technology partner

  • With a team of experienced developers and ML experts involved in giving the best possible outcome for your project.
  • Best-in-class, custom Machine Learning models and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Best-in-class solutions and services that meet high industry standards and follow strict NDA-compliant measures.
  • Efficient project management to ensure that the product meets our customers’ expectations.
  • Mainly focussed on customer satisfaction, we take the time to listen to the feedback and develop apps that are well-rounded.

Our resource hub

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FAQs - A little more on Machine Learning

Machine learning is an AI technique that enables web and mobile apps to learn and improve over time. It uses vast amounts of data for this purpose to identify patterns and make decisions.

Machine learning solutions can help you transform your business by delivering a personalized and customized experience to your customers. They help you gain a deeper understanding of your existing processes. The technology is widely used to solve business problems, such as reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction across a wide spectrum of industries like retail, healthcare, finance, eCommerce, education, etc.

Machine learning projects are usually high-risk due to their complexity. Therefore, we conduct feasibility studies to minimize the risk before we start any project to ensure that sufficient data is available and the anticipated outcomes fall in line with the overall project goals.

Devfi’s Machine Learning models are used in various industries to improve processes and efficiency. Apart from monitoring and detecting anomalies, user behavior analytics and predictions, product recommendations, personalized healthcare solutions, dynamic pricing, etc are some of the key use cases of our ML models.

Having Devfi as your AI and ML Consulting Partner will allow you to implement Machine Learning without any hurdles. And you will start seeing tangible results within a short period of time.

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