Deep Learning

Scalability, Accuracy, & Automation for AI Enablement

Get real-time insights from images and videos

Devfi’s Deep Learning solutions enable you to gain insights from your image and video data while overcoming various challenges during the process and work more effectively with high accuracy and transparency.

We'll help you create an AI solution that's right for you with our Deep Learning and Machine Learning expertise.

Our services that assist in business decision-making

Devfi's Deep Learning services help organizations quickly move beyond the proof-of-concept stage to production AI. Our experts help organizations accelerate their AI projects from years to a month to weeks by delivering the expertise and resources they need to get started.

Strategy & Consulting

We implement end-to-end Deep Learning strategies across various industries with our extensive experience in developing and implementing AI solutions. We provide our clients with the necessary resources and skillful expertise to successfully implement their AI projects.

Data Labeling

Our team of experts annotators prepares and label data using our annotation tools. We label the specific objects recognizable for AI engines with quality. The annotated data gets accurately labelled to train custom models to solve real business cases


Our data scientists uses training data for feature extraction, model training, model evaluation and model validation. They use right algorithms and performance metrics to create high-quality models.

Model Deployment & Support

Our approach to implementing Deep Learning methodologies extends beyond model development. We deploy models on production systems to perform seamlessly and do regular performance checks, provide support and upgrades, etc.

Our Deep Learning capabilities that optimize data pipelines

Image Analytics

Enable image classification, recognition, and object detection capabilities with Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

Video Analytics

Scalable video intelligence models that identify and tag different objects in video or motion pictures for motion detection, facial recognition, etc

Audio/Voice Analytics

Reap the benefits of unstructured data insights by detecting, analyzing, and understanding the audio signals captured by digital devices.

Devfi - Driving transformation with Deep Learning

Adaptable systems



Efficient & accurate solutions

Automating operations

Seamless integrations

Boost productivity

End-to-end workflows

Performance optimized

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Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT
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Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT

Devfi as your Deep Learning development partner

  • A team of experienced Computer Vision and Deep Learning experts involved in giving the best possible outcome for your project.
  • Best-in-class, custom Deep Learning models and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Team of experts from diverse industries and domains..
  • We offer a comprehensive Deep Learning engagement that will meet business-specific requirements.
  • Access to the profitability and feasibility from the beginning

Our resource hub

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FAQs - A little more on Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a type of learning system that uses layers of neural networks to learn
and process large amounts of data. Deep Learning models take in data from multiple
sources and analyze it in real-time without the need for intervention from humans.

Deep Learning techniques can help organizations reduce the time it takes to analyze and draw conclusions from large amounts of text, image, and/or video data.

  1. Developing autonomous driving technology
  2. Helping news aggregation sites deliver better, more customized content to their readers
  3. Training machines to catch linguistic nuances and frame appropriate responses with NLP
  4. Virtual assistants to provide a secondary human interaction experience, translate speech-to-text or text-to-speech, etc
  5. Fraud detection 
  6. Medical imaging & clinical researches
  7. Personalized recommendations on eCommerce platforms
  8. Security & surveillance cameras to prevent theft
and many more.

The human brain is composed of neurons that allow us to think and make decisions. The neural network’s functioning is similar to the neurons of a human brain. Artificial neurons can also learn from the information they receive and improve their performance by continuously analyzing and improving their results.

Neural networks can make sense of ambiguous or conflicting information with some real and practical benefits for enterprises. They play an essential part in decision-making process, automating business processes, preventing fraud, etc.

Neural networks are used in various business applications, such as pattern recognition and sequence recognition. For instance, in object recognition, a neural network can create a profile of a person’s interests based on the images that were used during a training session.. 

Image and video processing and enhancement, hyper-personalizations, language processing, image and object classification, etc.,are a few applications with which Devfi is enhancing businesses with innovation and exceptional functionality.

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