Federated Learning Services

Securely Build AI on Any Device

Train your machine learning models on the data that is stored locally, is private, and doesn’t require you to send all the data to central locations with Devfi’s Federated Learning-as-a-Service. Our cutting-edge Federated Learning algorithms enable the deployment of collaborative machine learning models across various devices to learn from such decentralized data and transform them into intelligence with the least effort and no risk.


Inherent data privacy

Data privacy is at the heart of what we do at Devfi. By blocking access to the raw data in distributed datasets, we keep your data private and secure.


Heterogeneous data access

Federating the algorithm training and preserving the privacy of the data will help you quickly unlock access to diverse and valuable data sets.


Real-time continuous learning

Streaming real-time data allows for continuous learning and speeds up the training process by allowing for the federation and parallelization of data. Quickly gain access to trained models and insightful information.



Distribute your data among multiple locations and train models on them concurrently. This will enable you to train faster with less computational power or storage space needed from each individual location.

How It Works

Enabling federated learning on every device by mitigating data privacy concerns and providing a transfer learning paradigm

Our products that enable diverse AI applications

Switch, an indigenous product offering from us, is a platform for distributed machine learning to unify any framework or programming language and accelerate parallel data training across smartphones, edge, and other devices.

Decentralized ML models for your advantage

  • High-level extensible APIs
  • SDKs for privacy and permissions management
  • Collaborative training of ML models in a federated, private, and secured environment
  • Hierarchical construction and exchange of ML models across the network

Clients & Partners

DevFi - Your Perfect FLaaS Partner

  • Experience partnering with leading industry names on several mission-critical projects.
  • Strong AI teams with deep exposure in building, training, and deploying FL algorithms.
  • End-to-end services including consulting, development, and support.
  • Identify AI opportunities that solve business problems and implement them in the most effective way.
  • Transparent and consistent AI development process for secure and seamless project outcomes.
  • Rapid prototyping to accelerate time to market with data-driven and agile methodologies.

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