Text Analytics

Simplifying Unstructured Data to Scale Enterprises

Text insights that bring a paradigm shift in business operations

Devfi's text analytics services are designed to help you extract valuable insights from the textual data you already have. We offer a variety of ready-to-use and API-based solutions that allow you to extract actionable insights. Gain a deeper insight into your customers’ behavior by analyzing the untouched, unstructured enterprise data from various external data sources with our exquisite NLP-powered solutions.

Our services that automate your workflows

Our text analytics services help our clients improve customer experiences when integrating their products into their web and mobile apps for better product categorization and seamless product profiling. With our deep expertise and robust knowledge base in text analytics, we can provide our clients with a competitive advantage.


Whether you’re looking to implement a new NLP application or improve an existing one, we can help you in assessing your business use cases for text analytics. We use Natural Language Processing expertise to help our clients and develop a robust roadmap for their text analytics projects.

Data Preparation

To analyze the text and build suitable Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, you will need to prepare and organize your data. Our expert data engineers will handle it effortlessly by leveraging state-of-the-art NLP techniques like tokenization, part of the speech tagging, parsing, etc.


Post data preprocessing, feature engineering, and data analysis, our team of highly skilled experts can handle an enormous amount of data from internet and build an enterprise-grade model to extract hidden insights and sentiments from your textual data.

Model Deployment & Support

At Devfi, we implement Deep Learning methodologies across various platforms via a range of deployment options that help increase agility and access flexibly to evolve with your business needs. We provide round the clock support and regular model upgrades.

Our Text Analytics capabilities that innovate enterprises


Transform images of text into machine-encoded text using Deep Learning algorithms.

Sentiment Analysis

Transform unstructured data into insights for a deeper understanding of brand reputation, marketing strategies, etc.

Conversational AI

Improve the reach and responsiveness of digital and virtual assistants along with improving customer experiences.

Speech Recognition

Enable speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities to enable fast and accurate speech recognition.

Devfi - Identifying the hidden values in text

Powerful sentiment analysis

Optimized & calibrating NLP models

Competitive intelligence

Improved user experience

Agile & custom deployment

Advanced functionalities

Easy & flexible integrations

Data-driven decisions

More responsive to customers

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Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT
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Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT
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Phillip Levin
CEO / Creative IT

Devfi as your Text Analytics development partner

  • A team of experienced NLP and Deep Learning experts involved in giving the best possible outcome for your project.
  • Best-in-class, custom NLP models and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Team of experts from diverse industries and domains.
  • We offer a comprehensive Machine Learning and Deep Learning engagement that will meet business-specific requirements.
  • Access to the profitability and feasibility from the beginning

Our resource hub

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FAQs - A little more on Text Analytics

Text analytics combines Machine Learning, statistics, and linguistics techniques to analyze large volumes of unstructured data to extract insights and patterns. It enables organizations to collect and analyze massive amounts of text for their critical decisions. Various techniques such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and event extraction are used to extract valuable information from large volumes of text.

Customers regularly leave their feedback about companies and services on various online platforms like social media, forums, review sites, blogs, etc. They also leave their concerns and appreciations on their private channels like email, phone, and web-chat. Due to the volume of feedback that customers provide, most customer-focused enterprises have a hard time keeping up with it, thus, adopting NLP-based text analytics solutions becomes imperative.

Devfi’s text mining and text analytics solutions help enterprises collect and interpret vast amounts of unstructured data by relying on Natural Language Processing (NLP)  technology. Natural Language Processing is a branch of AI that can analyze the voice of a customer accurately.

We deliver text analytics solutions to a wide spectrum of industries including healthcare, financial services, etc that are involved in competitive intelligence, business intelligence, social media monitoring, data mining, security applications, biomedical applications, software applications, academic applications, sentiment analysis, email, voice recognition, and more.

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