nlp applications

NLP and its Top 5 Real-World Applications

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field that attempts to make use of computer programs to improve communication and comprehension. This is done by analyzing knowledge of specific processes in language development and applying them to a written document, usually a sentence or text. NLP has its r...
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federated learning

Federated Learning: The Next Frontier for AI

The Federated Learning (FL) market is expected to grow globally from USD 127 million in 2023 to USD 210 million by 2028, according to Markets and Markets. This significant growth is attributed to Federated Learning (a distributed machine learning technique) and to the fact that it enables multiple p...
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AI in talent acquisition

AI in Talent Acquisition: Enabling Smart HR

AI is being radically used across organizations to modernize and automate various business processes – including talent acquisition The adoption of AI is largely tied to the various benefits it can provide to both talent-hiring managers and recruiters. It can help them make more informed decis...
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