Data Engineering
Are you gearing up for being data-driven with robust data pipelines? We at Devfi can enhance your business decisions by accelerating your data pipelines, including DataOps, Data Lake, and next-gen Data Mesh and Data Fabric.
Data Engineering For Rapid Data Pipelines Every business is creating more data than ever before. Are you one of them, trying to build data pipelines for most of the data sources?
We at Devfi leverage our partnership with Rivery to accelerate your data pipelines. Rivery’s SaaS platform brings automation and actionable logic to your ETL process and eases data ingestion with pre-built connectors to a whole gamut of data sources. Our clients were consistently able to resolve their data engineering challenges leveraging our partner ecosystem and our data team’s expertise.

Next-Gen Data Engineering
The Complexity Of Data Management Increases As New Technologies, Tools, And Data Sources Intrude Every Organizations Data Ecosystem.
The complexity of data management increases as new technologies, tools, and data sources intrude every organizations’ data ecosystem. Our experts constantly take that extra mile to rethink your data ecosystem and equip you with modern data architectures and new-age data science frameworks. Next-gen data engineering solutions like Data mesh, Data fabric, and DataOps are just not exciting topics for us, but we focus on implementing them for our clients.

Our Data Engineering Services
Data Strategy And Roadmap
Every successful data initiative kicks off with strategy. Our multi-disciplinary approach offers you world-class strategy aligned with right tools, environment and is robust against disruption.
Data Migration
Our unparalleled experience executing cloud data migration, legacy platforms to modernized solutions ensures business continuity and minimal downtime. We offer custom data engineering solutions to transform your data of any type/scale with agility.
Data Integration
Enterprise-grade real-time data ingestion to combine batch and stream data pipelines for modern data transformation needs. Our data integration consultants can help you improve your data quality and develop pipelines that are 90% faster.
Data Warehouse
Are you considering revamping your legacy solution or building a new cloud, on premise or hybrid data warehouse? Our experts ensure that your ETL processes, KPIs and data quality are in line to ensure business insights at scale.
Data Lake
Aggregate all your data seamlessly for insights, irrespective of source and format with our data lake expertise. We enable governance and quality with our best-in class DataOps expertise and partnerships.
Data Virtualization
Want to break data silos? Establish single logical view for your data sources to simplify your data. Speed up the time to solution and enable agile data engineering for faster insights.
Data Mesh
Amplify your decisions, unlock your data at scale with a decentralized domain-driven data architecture. Data mesh interoperability and seamless data loop navigation can transform your insights landscape.
Data Fabric
Harness the potential of business ready data with a trusted, single and unified architectural pattern. Our experts can enable frictionless access and data sharing to efficiently drive insights as per organization’s needs.
Cloud Engineering
We embrace the power of change to create 360° value by putting cloud at the core of your business. Our approach puts your business needs first, creating industry-specific solutions to get you moved to—and benefiting from—the cloud now.
Cloud is today’s urgent business imperative
Today, more than ever, companies need to operate and compete at an unprecedented speed and scale as industries are reshaping beneath them. This means innovating faster, creating new revenue streams, deriving more insights from data – and from the edge – and interacting differently with their customers, partners and employees. All of these changes are fundamental, inter-connected and require a catalyst to drive them – and that is cloud.

How we work
Cloud First knows how to deliver mission-critical, core business solutions in the cloud. After assessing your goals, we’ll work with you to define the right cloud solution for your business needs and get to value faster.
An unmatched ecosystem of partners Proven, industry-tailored cloud solutions Unparalleled talent and experience

Our Cloud Engineering Services
Cloud Migration Services
Migration to cloud is vital for companies looking to achieve digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities while preparing for disruption.
Infrastructure Services
In today’s digital and cloud-based world, your business performs only as well as your IT infrastructure. An agile and intelligent infrastructure not only helps you adapt to change quickly, it also powers innovation and enables new business models.
Data Transformation
More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day, but more often than not – it’s siloed, unstructured and unusable. Data’s worth depends on its usability and accessibility. It’s why we’re lighting the way towards a modern data foundation on cloud.
Cloud Security
While cloud offers new opportunities to modernize services and transform operations, security and compliance risk remains the greatest barrier to cloud adoption. Combined with the complexity of hybrid- and multi-cloud environments and a shortage of skills, these concerns can be major roadblocks to a cloud-first journey.
Data Governance
Adapt to data governance best practices to harness data quality and break data silos. Prioritize your data assets for reliability, security, and business insights leveraging Devfi’s Governance framework.
Why Do You Need Data Governance ?
Many experts say that data governance is about people, processes, and policies for strategic data management. We confide the need to govern data to:
  • Protect the most critical assets – data and knowledge
  • Avoid data siloes across various business domains and strategic business units
  • Establish a shared understanding of data with a standard data glossary and definitions
  • Identify and fix errors to improve data quality for reliable insights
  • Access to reliable information to enhance the accuracy of the insights
  • Ensure compliance with data regulations and privacy policies

Why Devfi ?
  • Constant re-engineering to establish data quality and security controls as per the evolving data landscape.
  • A mixed bag of talent – Any data role, you name it, and we have our experts to serve your needs.
  • Our experts ensure the maximum value of your data with a unique data governance framework and solutions.
  • We provide a customized data governance management approach tailor-fit for your unique business needs. Our domain experts define the strategy and plan your system based on a holistic analysis.

Our Data Governance Services
Data Quality
Profiling, cleansing, matching, stewardship and analysis to figure out the right value of data for organization’s interrelationships. We ensure you strategic information with knowledge-driven quality controls for data of any size or format.
Master Data Management
IMDM implementations planned across multi-domains through scalable and reliable architecture. Our targeted solutions enable a single, trusted, 360-degree view of customers, products, assets, and employees data to derive key business insights.
Data Privacy
Regulatory impact assessment partnering with your data and compliance teams. Our experts can implement a privacy program to centralize your data assets and can proactively address all your data adherence challenges.
Data Architecture
Simple, organization-wide tooling and platform approaches to ensure consistency and interoperability. We ensure that the modern architecture is governed by data lineage for next-gen data management.
Data Security
Aggregate all your data seamlessly for insights, irrespective of source and format with our data lake expertise. We enable governance and quality with our best-in class DataOps expertise and partnerships.
Data Analytics
Accelerate your data analytics journey with our custom solutions fit for your challenges. Gear up your business to compete on Analytics, AI&ML, and the whole data life cycle.
Pre-Built AI/ML Models, Dashboard Templates To Accelerate
Your Insights Process
If you have data, tools, data processing system in place, it is just not enough for your accelerated insights path. Development and deployment of machine learning models take months, and it is not a single click interface. You can’t speed up your insights progress if you are building a model from scratch. The solution is to leverage pre-built AI/ML models and pre-built templates for a few common use cases.
We leverage our Insights Box platform alongside our data expertise to fasten your time-to-answers. Holistic data management appended with some pre-built analytics solutions can be a game-changer for an insights-driven business.

InsightBox- Our Custom Solution To Amplify Your Decisions
The platform provides you an extensive list of Power BI dashboards suited for your industry and business domain. In addition to the dashboards, the platform also has pre-built AI/ML models and a chatbot to power your data storytelling. How does it add value to your insights journey?
  • Scale your data analysis to grow with your organizations data
  • An exclusive library of templates and analytics models
  • Tailor fit for your industry and domain needs
  • End-to-end data analytics solution – data source connectors, reports and dashboards, AI/ML models, and data storytelling
  • Plug and play architecture, cloud and on-premise

Our Data Analytics Services
Data Visualization
Reveal your most critical business insights leveraging our interactive and analytical data visualization dashboards. We accelerate your insights journey with our pre-built industry templates tailor fit for your major business decisions.
Predictive Analytics
We power your operations and strategic decisions with our best-in-class predictive data analytics models. Be it sales, marketing, supply chain, operations, HR, finance our data modelling experts are domain agnostic to predict behaviors and patterns that can fuel your business functions.
Operational Analytics
It is just not about decision making, but to manage costs, enhance service levels, drive efficiencies, and demand supply planning. Leverage our expertise to define your operational KPIs for your sales, marketing, product analysis and automation efforts.
Big Data Analytics
Uncover your insights from structured/ unstructured, streaming/batch data leveraging our data analytics models and NLP techniques. As we build your big data analytics solutions, our experts consider open source software to optimize your costs and improve the velocity of insights.
Whether it is for automation or customer experience or price optimization or any smart operations, we can infuse value with our AI and ML solutions. Change your data dynamics with our end-to-end data and analytics solutions built upon the evolving tech stack.
Narrative Science
Capture your audience attention leveraging our data narrative expertise. Every data point may not prove valuable to your stakeholders, we follow the context, conflict and the resolution approach to entice the short attention span of every stakeholder..
Reporting And Analytics
Our experts leverage descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive and predictive data analytics to deliver rapid insights for your business. Our services address specific needs for every industry and domain, viz. customer data analytics, supply chain analytics, marketing campaign analytics, financial analytics to name a few.
App Modernization
Be resilient, responsive, and relevant with new-age digital business models. Accelerate your time to market and stay agile with our application modernization services.
Application Modernization – How Do We Do It ?
Most of the businesses are adopting cloud, DevOps, and microservices architectures for agile enterprise IT. There is more to this for organizations to unlock the value from digital transformation.
Efficiencies, faster time to market, rapid application development, and easy data access for insights have become key priorities to build personalized connections with customers, employees, and all stakeholders.
We established critical partnerships in a few areas to accelerate your digital transformation journey. A few of our application modernization services.

Low-Code/No-Code Development
Organizations, can rapidly develop applications with limited technical knowledge while improving user collaboration. Traditional application development methodology defined roles for developers, business analysts, and data scientists. But with low-code, continuous improvements in the application can be made with minimal technical knowledge to break down silos.
Our experts can help you develop various solutions ranging from mission-critical apps to customer-centric apps leveraging our partnership with different low-code platforms.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Our application modernization services may not provide value unless we consider automation through every stage of data management and processing. Devfi’s expertise-driven RPA services enable you to accelerate your digital transformation journey. Our end-to-end RPA services from assessment to implementation are focused on data management. We help enterprise to simplify their data processes, maximize ROI and drive faster insights.
We at Devfi have partnered with leading RPA vendors like Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Power Platform to enable our clients with re-usable artifacts for more efficiencies. We aim at business process transformation that reduces costs, improves time-to-market while maximizing your RPA investments.

Cognitive AI & ML Recommendations
Data tells you about ‘what is happening,’ but ‘why it’s happening’ must be clear, and it is better to give it through wonderful narratives. What if AI&ML recommends the right narrative for your data and replaces some human effort for more intelligent activities? AI&ML can power your insights journey and auto-generate the right narrative and reports delivered to key stakeholders.
We leverage our AI&ML expertise and partnerships to create compelling narratives from complex datasets in your business. Our experts can accelerate your time to market with critical insights and always find a compelling way to communicate your insights.

Our App Modernization ¬Services
Derive Faster Insights
Outdated data systems always create a roadblock in accessing the data to derive insights. Modern low-code and automation capabilities, say in the Power platform, can help you fasten your insights journey.
Enhanced Customer Experience
User-centric intuitive experiences can be crafted with the necessary automation and AI-powered transactional interfaces. UI/UX and design standards have evolved, too; introducing these in your apps can enhance the customer experience manifold.
Agility And Scalability
Changing anything in your legacy applications would cost you a dent, and it is a complex process too. Leveraging Low-code, RPA, and Cognitive abilities, you can update your app in no time and accelerate your time-to-market.
Competitive Advantage
As you gain insights faster, you can act quickly to stay ahead of your competition. Apart from that, easing your processes for stakeholder’s experience can enhance the interactions, resulting in a unique proposition for your customers.
Next-Gen Digital Business Models
In this digital era, organizations need to evolve their services and features. Modernizing the applications rapidly and tech stack gives you an added advantage to scale up your business with the market demands.




Digital Engineering